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According to a research,Since the formation of external objects of the solar system (486958) Arrokoth (provisional name 2014 MU69), there has been basically no interference. This article uses the data collected by the "New Horizons" spacecraft to study its surface composition. Methanol ice exists with organic materials, which may be formed by the irradiation of simple molecules. No water ice was detected. This composition indicates the hydrogenation of carbon monoxide-rich ice and / or the high-energy treatment of methane condensed on water ice particles in the cold outer edge of the early solar system. The color and spectrum of the entire surface vary only slightly, indicating that Arrokoth is formed by a homogeneous or well-mixed solid reservoir. The microwave heat emitted in winter night is consistent with the average brightness temperature of 29 ± 5 Kelvin.

The new research was published in Science 2020,367(6481)

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Color, composition, and thermal environment of Kuiper Belt object (486958) Arrokoth